Saturday, 4 April 2009

Perhaps I should start by giving some background to my connection.

My father was Arthur William James Haynes, he passed away in 1992, following his demobilisation from the army after world war 2 he married in 1948 and in the following years mom and dad initially and then with my sister and I spent some family holidays in the New Forest area of Hampshire.

In the 1970's during one of those holiday's he decided to locate one of the places he was billeted following the chaotic return from Dunkirk - Allum Green House.
Dad was saddened to find out that no local record or memorial existed to commemorate his comrades that were killed as a result of enemy bombing action during the night of 5th and 6th September 1940.

In the following years with support from ex-comrades and veteran organisation's he commissioned a memorial bench to be placed overlooking the house where the bomb fell.

Those killed were.

Warrant Officer Class 2 H S Tyler

Staff Sergeant S H Avon

Staff Sergeant E W E Gifford

Sergeant A W Blunn

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